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Sysmex XF-1600™ Flow Cytometer

Sysmex XF-1600 flow cytometry analyzer
XF-1600 Flow Cytometer

Expert technology and outstanding flexibility for laboratories

The XF-1600 integrates a multi-laser optical layout with Sysmex’s proven fluidics design for reliable performance in a flow cytometer. Stable fluidics, even at high sample acquisition rates, ensure the system is capable of rapid data collection and analysis with high sensitivity.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. RUO instruments must be validated before use in clinical practice.

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Sysmex XF-1600™ Flow Cytometer



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Increase Your Laboratory's Efficiency Lab Efficiency numbers

  • Flexible specimen handling
  • Rare event analysis capability
  • Top-rated service Sysmex is known for
  • Rapid data acquisition without loss of sensitivity
  • Intuitive software with automated QC
  • and optional offline analysis solution

Rare Event Mode

With the growing interest for rare event analysis, the XF-1600 incorporates a Rare Event Mode (REM) based on established hematology technology.

  • Six aspiration volumes, which analyze up to 2ml of specimen for low carryover and Limit of Blank (LoB)
  • Five adjustable sample rates: from 5 μL/min to 120 μL/min
  • Up to 50,000 events per second

VenturiOne® Flow Cytometry Analysis SoftwareVenturiOne Flow Cytometry Software

VenturiOne is unique flow cytometry software that is designed for maximum performance and simplicity to streamline the workflow in your lab.

  • Easily create plots using unique preview feature
  • Process batch analyses of up to 400 files within seconds
  • Calculate automatic compensations
  • Compatible with large data files produced by miltiparameter rare event analysis

Seamless Integration

Sysmex-compatible rotors can easily be moved between sample preparation systems, Helmer UltraCW® II automatic cell washing system and XF-1600 flow cytometer. Rotors are positively identified to ensure traceability through the laboratory.

Automated sample preparation and controlled cell washing provides excellent sample viability, high cell recovery and reproducible results.


  • Ten fluorescence detectors for flexibility and future expansion based on a lab’s individual needs
  • Three light sources to provide the capability to use numerous fluorochromes (488nm, 638nm, 405nm)
  • LIS compatibility for elimination of transcription errors
  • Download XF-1600 Specification Sheet

XF-1600 Specifications

The XF-1600 offers expert technology and seamless integration for busy flow cytometry laboratories.

Learn more about how the XF-1600 can help your lab!